Victoria Whale Watching

Victoria Whale Watching in Victoria BC. Info and photos on six excellent whale watching tour operators for guaranteed whale watching satisfaction.

Welcome to Victoria BC, one of the best whale watching areas in the world!

Options for whale watching in Victoria, BC, are many, varied, and very popular. And no wonder, being smack in the middle of prime whale watching country.

The waters surrounding Victoria and the greater Vancouver Island teem with sea life. Whales cackle, whistle and squeek; porpoises escort boats, seals bask and sea birds float, fly, and flutter by the thousands. It's a playground.

But the majesty and sheer power of a whale breaking the surface of the water is indescribable. It's hard to imagine that a 25' long, 6 ton creature lives and moves freely under the surface, since we see only the ripples and waves atop the water.

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Choose your Victoria Whale Watching Tour

Your exciting adventure is just a choice away! Here are three top-rated whale watching tour companies, and info and links to three others (whose rankings are not far behind). 

Please note that most companies do not recommend the wild zodiac tours (in the smaller but very speedy open boats) for folks with health concerns, back or neck issues, pregnant women or small children.

Eagle Wing Tours

Eagle Wing Tours
Fisherman's Wharf, 12 Erie St, Victoria, BC, Canada
1-800-708-9488 or local: 1-250-384-8008

Tripadvisor reviews of Eagle Wing Tours - #1 on TripAdvisor since 2007 - 5* Certificate of Excellence

Fall, Spring, Day Tours: $55 - $105 per person
Sunset tour: $75 - $125 per person.

Eagle Wing Tours offers "whale and wildlife" excursions with a choice of open or closed boats, with washrooms aboard along with extras like binoculars, blankets, hats, gloves and sunscreen. Eagle Wing has a 98% whale sighting guarantee and if you don't see them on your first trip you can come back for free again and again until you do.

Environmental stewardship is a core value of theirs; each 3.5 - 4 hour tour brings a biologist or marine specialist on board to answer your questions. They also offer a free shuttle service.

B.C. Whale Watching Tours

B.C. Whale Watching Tours 
Seattle Float Plane Wharf, 1234 Wharf St., Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 3H9

Tripadvisor reviews of B.C. Whale Watching Tours - 5*
Certificate of Excellence

Rates: Summer and winter whale watching $79 - $119; sunset cruises $79 - $110; private charters $400/hour for a "3-hour tour." See their website or reach out via email or phone for details on special tours.

B.C. Whale Watching operates four boats which were designed by Captain Harold himself (President and Owner), offering either indoor/outdoor or open outdoor seating, and washrooms. Each tour is accompanied by marine biologists and naturalists.

They also offer a variety of Eco-friendly tours for whale and wildlife viewing, sunset whale watching, private charters and tour packages including a West Coast tour that could include zip lines, rainforests and/or lodging. Captain Harold also offers a 6 day/5 night 360 degree tour of Vancouver Island which explores historic sites, a grizzly bear sanctuary, fjords, glaciers and more.

If whales are not sighted, they offer a 20% cash refund off initial ticket costs and a free second trip on a standby basis on tours between June 1 - September 30.

Spring Tide Whale Watching and Eco Tours

Spring Tide Whale Watching & Eco Tours 
1119 Wharf St., Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 1T7
1-800-470-3474; local: 1-250-384-4444

Tripadvisor Reviews of Spring Tide Whale Watching and Eco Tours - 5*
Certificate of Excellence

Rates: $75 - $105, discounts for students and groups. See their website for pricing on private charters and for the transportation and whale watching packages.

Owners Dan and Joanne offer 21 years of whale watching experience, taking folks to all the hot-spots for whale watching, marine wildlife tours and sport fishing. Choose from their comfortable indoor/outdoor cabin cruiser with washrooms, hot beverages and warm outdoor wear; or an exciting outdoor ride on their zodiac.

A naturalist or biologist will be along for each 2.5 - 3 hour tour to answer questions. They also offer private charters for any sort of celebration or corporate event; and package tours that include transportation by air or ferry from Vancouver, B.C., or other spots on the mainland, to Victoria along with their whale watching tours.

Their "It's a Fluke" program offers a free second trip if you're "skunked" on the first one.

Prince of Whales

Prince of Whales 
812 Wharf St., Lower Causeway Level, Victoria, B.C., Canada
1-888-383-4884; local: 1-250-383-4884

Tripadvisor Reviews of Prince of Whales - 4.5*
Certificate of Excellence

Prince of Whales operates all year long, and offers a year-round whale sighting guarantee.

Check their cool January 2016 blog post about the recent orca baby boom

Note: Prince of Whales also operates out of Vancouver BC. See their website for details.

Orca Spirit Adventures

Orca Spirit Adventures 
Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel, 146 Kingston St.,Victoria, B.C., Canada V8V 1V4
Westcoast Air, 950 Wharf St., Victoria, B.C., Canada V8W 1T3
1-888-672-6722; local: 1-250-383-8411

Tripadvisor Reviews of Orca Spirit Adventures - 4.5*
Certificate of Excellence

Five Star Whale Watching

Five Star Whale Watching
645 Humboldt St., Victoria, B.C., Canada V8W 1A6
1-800-634-9617; local 1-250-388-7223

Tripadvisor Reviews of Five Star Whale Watching - 4.5*
Certificate of Excellence

You can no doubt find other Victoria whale watching outfits, however we think the tours above will more than deliver on their promises and guarantees. 

Enjoy your Victoria whale watching!

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