Affiliate Products Disclosure

Affiliate Products Disclosure: Which affiliate products you can find on the BeautifulPacificNorthwest website, and why we use them at no extra cost to you.

The Beautiful Pacific Northwest website currently uses the following affiliate programs:

1) Amazon . com (in USA and elsewhere)

You pay the usual price and nothing more. Amazon . com pays a very small percentage of their own profits to BeautifulPacificNorthwest because we provide the link you use to shop at Amazon.

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2) Hotels . com

You find the perfect hotel in the perfect city and neighborhood for your vacation and you book it. Once you've taken your stay there, Hotels . com pays a very small percentage of their own profits to BeautifulPacificNorthwest as a commission.

We like the idea of giving you a way to search many hotels for just the right price and/or location. We do make our own hotel recommendations for each city for which we have information on BeautifulPacificNorthwest. These recommendations are excellent ones, but depending on your precise needs, they might not be just right for YOU. There's no way we can do for you what Hotels . com can do, so we're happy to let them do the heavy lifting for you - show you ALL your options so you can make your own best choices. Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

3) Trivago

How it works: Trivago is another option you can use to find the perfect hotel for your stay. They also draw from a pool of thousands upon thousands of hotels and offer the same excellent service as Hotels . com. Trivago's affiliate plan pays us a few cents for every hotel option you explore, independent of a booking or a fulfillment of your reservation. If you visit the websites of 3 different hotels in Seattle, for example, Trivago will pay us a few cents for each of those website visits.

In all cases, there is no additional cost to you to make a purchase through BeautifulPacificNorthwest that you needed to make in any case. We don't receive much from each transaction, but taken together, these affiliate relationships help us keep this website on the web and completely free for you to use. 

Affiliate Products Disclosure:
Affiliate Programs Provide Added Value to our Visitors

We believe that by providing some essential services or information, our carefully chosen affiliate partners will bring you added value by helping you plan and carry out your dream vacation or trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We continue to look for other, well-matched, best-quality affiliate relationships that you will find helpful and useful. When we add others to this website, we will let you know right here.

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