Butchart Garden
Grounds and More

Butchart Garden Grounds: A quick photo tour of buildings, gardens, statues, lawns, planters and much more.

Take a photo tour of Butchart Gardens. See the buildings, statues, lawns, and seasonal plantings. You'll even get a peak into the Christmas Lights at Butchart Gardens during the month of December. You may very well agree that Butchart Gardens can be spectacular through all four seasons.

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Butchart Garden Grounds

Butchart Gardens include 6 specific gardens, presented here in the order you are likely to encounter them when you visit: Sunken Garden, Bog Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, and Mediterranean Garden. 

Additionally, you'll find many other delightful and unique features throughout the gardens. Photos of some them are seen below.

Butchart Garden Grounds
Sunken Garden

Butchart Gardens in Spring while tulips are blooming

The Sunken Garden includes "the Mound" (51 stairs to the top) and Ross Fountain. Click here for a photo tour featuring the Sunken Garden.

Ross Fountain in Butchart Gardens in Spring

The Bog Garden

The Bog Garden is technically a part of the Sunken Garden.

It is a typical Pacific Northwest shade garden in moist 'boggy' soil under towering evergreens. 

Guests get a great view (but no access) into the Bog Garden from an elevated pathway.

Butchart Garden Grounds
Rose Garden

Butchart Garden Grounds
Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is exquisite in decor and plantings. Click here for a photo tour dedicated to this peaceful Japanese Garden.

Butchart Garden Japanese Garden is aflame in autumn reds and oranges
Butchart Garden Japanese Garden is aflame in autumn reds and oranges

Butchart Garden Grounds
Italian Garden

Butchart Gardens Italian Garden in Spring while tulips are blooming

The Italian Garden, including Star Pond

Cross-shaped pond in the Italian Garden, at Butchart Gardens

Butchart Garden Grounds
Mediterranean Garden

Don't forget to take a quick stroll through the Mediterranean Garden! It is situated near the parking lots, and features warm-climate plants. You'll even find a banana "plantation!"

Other Butchart Gardens Features

  • Bronze statues here and there
  • Boating tours in Butchart Cove
  • Saturday evening fireworks throughout the summer
  • Concerts on the Lawn
  • Totem Poles - 30 feet tall, and 4 feet in circumference
  • Rose Carousel: $2.00/ride, of which some goes to charity
  • Wall of dahlias
  • Show Greenhouse with seasonal floral displays
  • 3 restaurants - Coffee Shop, Dining Room, and Blue Poppy Restaurant - plus a seasonal Gelateria and concession stand
  • Extensive gift shop
  • Many benches for resting throughout Butchart Gardens

Little Frog Fountain at Butchart Gardens

Butchart Garden Grounds - Planters

In Spring, the long planter lining the walkway between the Rose Carousel and the Rose Garden is a tulip planter.

Left: By the end of April, some of the tulips had faded away, but many were still blooming strongly.

In Summer and Autumn, the same
planter is filled with spectacular dahlias.

Dahlias are replanted from fresh bulbs every spring - a nearly countless number of varieties along hundreds of feet bordering the Concert Lawn and stage. See Butchart Gardens Photos for many more photos of various flowers throughout Butchart Gardens, including dahlias.

More photos of various planters around Butchart Gardens: 

Christmas Lights in December

Butchart Gardens Labor Force

We're told that Butchart Gardens employs up to 2,500 gardeners during the growing season, with that number dropping closer to 500 during the winter. 

It takes about a month to fully replant the seasonal planters. First the spent plants are removed, the soil properly amended, and new young plants planted. Don't worry: You won't show up one day and find the entire park torn up to the bare soil. Planters are replanted on a schedule, as needed. On any given day, most of the planters will still be full of color, with just a few being newly planted.

It almost doesn't matter WHEN you choose to visit Butchart Gardens! You'll enjoy wonderful gardens no matter what the season.

Butchart Gardens (Wikimedia)

Cities Near Butchart Gardens:

Victoria BC: 19.7 km (12.25 miles) (approx. 26 minutes)

Sidney BC: 15.6 km (9.7 miles) (approx. 19 minutes)

Vancouver BC: 103 km (64 miles) (approx. 3.2 hours)

Port Angeles via the Black Ball Ferry:  37.2 miles (approx. 2.5 hours)

Seattle: 66 miles (approx. 2.25 hours)

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