Clallam Bay - Sekiu Photos,
North Olympic Peninsula Photos

Photos of Clallam Bay, Sekiu WA, and various attractions along Highway 112 on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Nearest cities: Forks, Port Angeles

Above: Photos taken in the vicinity of Clallam Bay and Sekiu, by K.Patry

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Below: Chito Beach Resort, by KPatry

Below: North Olympic Peninsula, by KPatry

Below: Crescent Beach on the North Olympic Peninsula, by KPatry

Below: Cape Flattery near Neah Bay WA, by KPatry

Literally all the population centers at the top west end of the North Olympic Peninsula are found along Highway 112, which hugs the shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca along most of its length. Heading east, Highway 112 eventually meets with Highway 101 at Port Angeles. 

Overview of the Olympic Peninsula presented by Wiki

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