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Forks Weather: Live 36 hour weather forecast for Forks WA, plus average and seasonal rainfall totals and reasons for weather patterns in Forks Washington.

Forks is...typically rainy. No surprise there - the town lives in a temperate rain forest. But while Forks WA receives an average of  99.54 inches of rain per year, the vast majority of those inches falls in autumn, winter, and springtime.

Check out the interesting Forks WA weather stats and records below.

36-Hour Forks Washington Weather Forecast

Forks Weather Info and Stats

In Forks, moisture rolls in off the Pacific Ocean, passes over Forks and collects against the Olympic Mountain Range directly to the east of Forks WA.

But: there is SO MUCH moisture aloft that the entire region receives the overflow rainfall. The western slopes of the Olympic Mountains receive 140 - 170 inches per year, while the towns in the region still overflow with rainfall, from Aberdeen and Hoquiam in the southwest Olympic Peninsula to Neah Bay in the northwest Olympic Peninsula. This weather pattern results in a rainshadow effect on the leeward side of the Olympic mountains.

Forks Average Yearly Rainfall: 99.54 inches

Forks Average Yearly Rainfall per Season

  • Winter:    37.95 Inches
  • Spring:     23.79"
  • Summer: 7.97"
  • Fall:          29.83"

Forks Average Monthly Rainfall

  • January: 14.61"
  • February: 10.35"
  • March: 10.83"
  • April: 7.85"
  • May: 5.11"
  • June: 3.50"
  • July: 1.98"
  • August: 2.49"
  • September: 3.82"
  • October: 10.49"
  • November: 15.52"
  • December: 12.99"

Visitors to Forks might like to bookmark this page and check the weather conditions as desired and in preparation for your travels!

Local Weather Records*

  • Record maximum rainfall in a single year: 162.14" in 1997
  • Record maximum rainfall in a single month: 41.70" in January 1953
  • Yearly rainfall on the western slopes of the Olympic National Forest rainforests is 140 - 170 inches per year, or up to 14.5 feet of precipitation.
  • 2 months with ZERO rainfall: August 1916, July 1922

*(Peninsula Daily News)

Be Prepared for Rain!

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