Hurricane Ridge in Winter

Hurricane Ridge in Winter. Here is info on winter activities at Hurricane Ridge, accessibility of the Ridge in winter, and winter photos of activities and wind-sculpted scenery at Hurricane Ridge Washington.

Winter or Summer, Spring or Fall – each season at Hurricane Ridge brings its own beauty, diminishing the awe not a whit.

This page is about Hurricane Ridge Washington during Winter, which is exceptionally amazing.

Hurricane Ridge in winter also brings an abundance of available winter activities - fun times!

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Below is the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center on a crystal clear and icy cold January day. That didn't stop anyone from coming up to enjoy the glorious day - the parking lot was chock full of cars, yet there was more than enough room for everyone to enjoy their skiing, tobogganing and snowshoeing surrounded by a true winter wonderland.

Below: Hurricane Ridge Road, the road that takes you to the Visitor Center. At this point, you're almost there, it's just around a couple more bends.

The road is plowed as soon as possible after each snow fall.

Depending on weather, the road usually opens around 9 am and closes to uphill traffic at 4 p.m.

Since Hurricane Ridge is within the Olympic National Park, the entry fee is $15 per car. For that price, you may as well purchase the $30/year pass and come multiple time throughout the year!

Get additional information at Olympic National Park - Visiting Hurricane Ridge

Cities Near Hurricane Ridge:

  • Seattle via Bainbridge ferry: 100 miles (approx. 3 hours)
  • Port Townsend: 65 miles (approx. 1.5 hours)
  • Sequim: 35 miles (approx. 57 minutes)
  • Port Angeles: 19.5 miles (approx. 37 minutes)
  • Forks: 68 miles (approx. 1.7 hours)

Winter Activities at
Hurricane Ridge Washington

Get all the info on the Hurricane Ridge Ski and Snowboard Area at

There's lots to do and see in winter:

  • 3 ski lifts in the winter. The skiing is family oriented; the difficulty level is low.

Below Left: Skiers hitch a pull on a ski tow to the top of the ridge.

Below Right: Lunch time - the Ski Patrol personnel enjoy hot dogs on the barbeque while keeping an eye on skier safety.

  • Plenty of slopes to tackle if you’re willing to walk back up.

    Above: Two skiers are hiking back up the hill to the ski lift trail; see them down there in the shadows?
  • Great toboggan area for little tykes (above)
  • Want to be challenged? Ski the bowl behind the hiking trails. Warning – you’ll have to get yourself back up; there are no lifts into or out of the bowl.

Below: Snowboarding in fresh snow. Does that look like fun or what?

  • Cross country skiing
  • Ample opportunity to snowshoe the trails in winter, when the snow may be 20+ feet deep in places

Nature's Ice Sculptures at
Hurricane Ridge in Winter

On New Year’s Day, the Hub and I took a drive up to Hurricane Ridge. It was a crystal clear day with temps in the 20’s. The air was still, however hurricane-force winds had been howling across the reaches of the mountains over the prior few days. Snags were coated in fantastical ice formations on just one side, the opposite side being stripped clean of ice by the gales. Trees were bowed with the weight of icy snow.

The ice formations were remarkable; we hope you enjoy these photos taken during our winter outing at Hurricane Ridge.

How do the ice streamers remain on the snag without snapping off? They were nearly a foot long.

If you get a chance to drive up to Hurricane Ridge in winter, by all means take it, and enjoy your visit!

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