K Patry

K Patry has enjoyed photography as a hobby for years, more so since relocating to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2004. 

The opening of the Beautiful Pacific Northwest website in 2013 has provided an outlet for her passion for photography.

She currently shoots with

  • Nikon 7100
  • Canon S95
  • iPhone 6s+

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Where to find KPatry's Photos

In addition to this website, KPatry's work can (soon) be viewed at:


  • karen (at) beautifulpacificnorthwest (dot) com
  • beautifulpnw (at) gmail (dot) com

Other contact info: Contact KPatry

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By the Way: KPatry is the owner and webmaster of BeautifulPacificNorthwest.com, and also a hobbyist photographer who enjoys photographing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest as often as possible.

You'll see lots of her photos throughout the Beautiful Pacific Northwest website.

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