Madison Falls

Madison Falls. Details and photos of Madison Creek Falls and the surrounding area in a no-fee area of the north Olympic National Park, Washington State.

This waterfall of the Pacific Northwest is located just 9 or so miles west of Port Angeles Washington.

The falls are within the Olympic National Park limits, however the Park’s fee area commences just a few meters beyond the Madison Creek Falls turn-off. You can come visit the falls any time, no entrance fee required.

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Cities Near Madison Falls

Getting There

A very nice view of Madison Falls, which is 9 miles west of Port Angeles, WA

Right: The Falls. More photos below.
 (Clicking on any of the photos opens a gallery of full-size photos.)

Take Hwy 101 west, leaving Port Angeles. Travel 7 miles. Literally just before the highway crosses the Elwha Bridge you’ll hang a left on Olympic Hot Springs Road and head south for 2 more miles. The turn off to the falls is well marked. If you arrive at the Olympic Park entrance kiosk, you've gone too far.


Name: Madison Falls, or Madison Creek Falls. The falls go by both names, with the former apparently being the current official version.

Whatever you call it, it’s definitely worth a visit!

Height of the Falls: Various sources offer differing heights for Madison Creek Falls. The “official” surveyed height is 76 feet tall, according to the World Waterfall Database. Some of this measurement may include sections of waterfall immediately above the main, dramatic, waterfall.

TripAdvisor Reviews of Madison Creek Falls

Views of Madison Falls and the Elwha Valley

Above: Madison Creek Falls, in the Elwha Valley, north Olympic National Park, Washington State.

Below: Take time and discover additional idyllic scenes at the foot of the falls and in the surrounding areas. A log jam creates this pool in Madison Creek just below the waterfall. Moss surrounding the falls glows a vibrant green in the few rays of sunshine that reach the 76 feet to the bottom of the falls.

The waters of Madison Creek pool behind a log jam below the falls before continuing their journey to the Elwha River and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The moss behind the falls glows green in the sunlight.

Below: This is the view of the Elwha River at the entrance to Madison Creek Falls facing north. On this beautiful morning in early March, the water is running gray from glacial snow runoff. The trees are beginning to think about budding, and grasses are showing signs of life.

Below: On a clear day this is your view from the parking lot next to the falls.

45-Second Video of the Falls

Amenities at the Falls

  • Ample picnic area in view of the snow-capped Olympic Mountain Range
  • "Facilities"
  • Completely paved 'trail' to the falls, including railings in some areas, not that the trail is anything less than level.
  • Two benches for sitting and enjoying (not pictured)
  • Temperate rainforest ambience, including and certainly not limited to giant trees and giant tree stumps, ubiquitous moss, and the nearby presence of the Elwha River.
  • Not the least of the amenities by far are the views and the experience itself

These photos may be impressive to one degree or another, but seeing it for yourself is a sure way to sense the true majesty of these Falls, the Olympic National Park, and the Pacific Northwest.

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