Sequim Lavender Festival

Sequim Lavender Festival: Enjoy 3 days of festivities, activities, and entertainment centered around Sequim lavender farms and many lavender products.

The third full weekend in July 
on the north Olympic Peninsula is 
dedicated to all things ‘lavender.’

For the last 20 years, the Sequim Lavender Growers Association, with over 30 member farms all dedicated to growing acres and acres of sweet-smelling, antioxidant-rich, antiseptic, and delicious lavender, has been a driving force behind the annual Sequim Lavender Festival.

Why not celebrate all those purple fields!

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Save these dates - July 20 - 21 - 22, 2018
2018 marks 22 years of celebration!

Between lavender farm tours, a massive street fair, and non-stop entertainment, all with a wide variety of Northwest cuisine (including lavender flavors), the Sequim Lavender Festival may very well become a highlight of your summer.

The links below contain many more details, and for now, is the info presented for 2016. Stay tuned for 2018 festival details, which will come when we get it!

Why a Lavender Festival in Sequim WA?

Lois and Lavender, guest in the lavender at Jardin du Soleil in SequimA lovely day, a lovely visitor. Mrs. Lois Lee visits the lavender fields at Jardin du Soleil during the Sequim Lavender Festival

1995 was the year that a few local Sequim individuals met privately, alarmed at the looming loss of a rural way of life in the Sequim-Dungeness valley. Subdivisions of pastel-colored, cookie-cutter homes were sprouting up in the the once-agricultural fields and pastures throughout the valley. 

It was determined that the best way to forestall further development might be to band together and once again actually use those many fields for agricultural purposes.

And one particular dry-footed crop that does supremely well in the semi-arid, rain-shadowed climate of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley was soon identified: lavender.

Lavender bee hives in lavender fieldOf course the hives are lavender!

The Sequim Lavender Growers Association (SLGA) arose from this initial, inauspicious meeting.

In 1996, the 8 member farms plied their wares quietly at the local Saturday Farmer's Market.

They've come a long way since 1996. Today, with over 30 lavender farms on the Olympic Peninsula alone, the Sequim-Dungeness Valley is recognized as the Lavender Capital of the USA.

The Sequim Lavender Festival has grown as well, now hosting an exciting annual, lavender-themed, 3-day-all-day bash supported both by local businesses and by the many artisans and entertainers who come from far and wide to participate in the festival.

And when you discover the amazing benefits of lavender oil, you'll discover even more reasons to celebrate lavender!

Lavender blooms patrolled by honeybee in Sequim WALavender blooms patrolled by honeybee in Sequim WA

Sequim Lavender Festival Activities

Lavender Farm Tours

Tour as many Sequim lavender farms as you have time for. Most of them lay out the welcome mat at absolutely no charge. The addresses of all the farms listed below are in Sequim, WA.

Additionally, you'll find arts, food, and entertainment at most of these farms, along with the opportunity to purchase various lavender plants and lavender products at their farm stores.

Sequim Lavender Festival 2013Sequim Lavender Festival 2013
Jardin du Soleil
  1. B&B Family Farm,  5883 Old Olympic Highway
  2. Blackberry Forest, 136 Forrest Road
  3. Creekside Lavender Farm, 1141 Cays Road
  4. Fat Cat Garden and Gifts, 21 Fat Cat Lane
  5. Graysmarsh Berry Farm, 6187 Woodcock Road
  6. Jardin du Soleil, 3932 Sequim-Dungeness Way
  7. Lost Mountain Lavender, Taylor Cutoff Road
  8. Martha Lane Lavender, 371 Martha Lane
  9. Nelson’s Duck Pond and Lavender Farm, 73 Humble Hill Road
  10. Oliver’s Lavender Farm, 82 Cameron Acres Lane
  11. Olympic Lavender Farm, 1532 Marine Drive
  12. Peninsula Nurseries, 1060 Sequim-Dungeness Way
  13. Purple Haze, 180 Bell Bottom Road
  14. Victor’s Lavender Celebration, 3743 Old Olympic Highway
  15. Washington Lavender, 965 Finn Hall Road

Massive Street Fair

Lavender Festival 2013 at Jardin du Soleil in Sequim WALavender Festival 2013

Stroll the Street Fair, which will be set up along Fir Street in downtown Sequim, between Sequim Avenue and Third Avenue. 

  • 150 juried arts and crafts booths: Hand-made arts, crafts, ceramics, photography, jewelry, leather goods, and very much more, created by both local artisans and artists from around the nation. Some artisan booths are also set up at various lavender farms.

  • Specialty lavender and lavender-themed wares from many of the Sequim lavender farms. Purchase lavender lotions, lavender honey, lavender essential oil, lavender t-shirts, lavender-themed mugs, potted lavender plants of several varieties, and much more

  • The Food Court at the Street Fair provides delicious Northwest cuisine. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find lavender ice cream and fresh-squeezed lavender lemonade among the many choices.

Main Stage Entertainment

"Lavenderstock!" cries the Lavender Festival website.

Enjoy up to 8 hours of live entertainment each day: back-to-back entertainment, performances, and even a free street dance on Saturday evening. The main stage is located at Second Avenue and Alder Street. The full Main Stage entertainment schedule is at the above link.

Plus, check here for many more events happening in and around Sequim during the Lavender Festival, including wine tasting, golf, arts, quilt show, and more.

Celebrate with Online Lavender

Can't make it this year for the Lavender Festival?

Perhaps you can find essential oil of lavender, lavender buds and packets, or lavender-themed gifts from one of the lavender farm websites. Or, explore the links on this page.  

How about Growing and Cultivating your own Lavender?

Get live plants or seeds, plus a book on how best to cultivate lavender.

Or, add a lavender cookbook to your kitchen and try your own hand at deliciousness....

Additional Sequim Lavender Info

Sequim Lavender Growers Association (dba) Sequim Lavender Festival

Sequim Lavender Festival Facebook Page

Sequim WA Tourism Website - Lavender Festival Page

Sequim Lavender Farmers Association

Sequim Lavender Farms Facebook Page

Lavender Festival Pictures

Spikes of lavender growing in Sequim WASpikes of lavender growing in Sequim WA
Field of lavender in Sequim WAField of lavender in Sequim WA

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