Sol Duc River Photos

Sol Duc River Valley: View photos of the Sol Duc Valley attractions - temperate rain forest, leaping salmon, and the trail to the bridge over Sol Duc Falls.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Road peels away from Highway 101 just west of Lake Crescent, and then wends its way for 15 miles through the Sol Duc Valley alongside the Sol Duc River. This is an area filled with tall evergreens, rich green moss, and vine maple trees, which flame out in spectacular fashion every autumn.

This stretch of the Sol Duc is within the Olympic National Park

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Spawning salmon attempting to leap up the Salmon Cascade in the Sol Duc Valley
View along the Ancient Grove trail

Sol Duc Falls

The Sol Duc Falls are a spectacular and fitting reward at the end of Sol Duc Road and a beautiful 0.8 mile hike through the Sol Duc rain forest. 

We'd like to show you many of our photos of the Falls, but this page has already gotten too long!

Please do visit our Bridge over Sol Duc Falls photo page, where we've posted our favorite captures of the Sol Duc Falls and the surrounding forest, trail, trees, and mossy creeks.

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