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The end of the trail at Cape Flattery, the The end of the trail at Cape Flattery, the "beginning of the world."

Additionally, Victoria, BC, at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is just a few miles away. That is waaay too close to just ignore. We LOVE visiting Victoria BC and we think you will too! 

Colonnade of Sitka Spruce in the amazing Hoh Rain ForestColonnade of Sitka Spruce in the impressive Hoh Rain Forest

My name is Karen, and I live at the top of the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State. This has been my chosen home for over a decade, and I’m here to help you discover all the reasons why you’ll love your vacation to the Northwest USA.

I first discovered the Olympic Peninsula in 1992.

You know how some things just stick in your mind and your heart? When life changes needed to happen in 2004, my family came to this magical corner of the USA, with its elk-inhabited rain forests, hiking trails to mountain peaks, and glorious cliffs at the beginning of the world. It's all here on the Olympic Peninsula.

The Pacific NW may get stuck in your heart, too....

Strolling in downtown Port Angeles WASight-seeing in downtown Port Angeles WA

Because I’ve traveled and photographed extensively throughout the Olympic Peninsula and surrounding regions, I have uncovered answers to many visitors’ questions about the region, questions like: 

  • The Olympic National Park is so huge! Is there a best way to visit it?
  • How do I get around all the waterways in the Puget Sound area?
  • I like to hike (or backpack, or kayak, or swim, or fish, or bike). What are the best places to visit or best recreational areas on the Olympic Peninsula?
  • I’d appreciate recommendations for hotels and/or restaurants throughout the Peninsula….
  • Oh for some peace and quiet! I really need to just get away and decompress a little (or a lot) - where do you suggest I go?          

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Covers your travels throughout the entire Olympic Peninsula. Click the link to learn more....

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PNW Photo Galleries

 So many ways to satisfy cravings for adventure, or even just peace and beauty, in the Pacific Northwest....

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Our online photo galleries may already feature photos of the PNW attractions and destinations that most interest you.

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