Port Angeles Washington

Port Angeles Washington, hub of the Pacific Northwest. 

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Port Angeles Washington has lots to offer visitors and vacationers:

Below: A view of Port Angeles and the usually busy Port Angeles Harbor at dusk, taken from the vantage point of Ediz Hook.

Visit Sequim, 18 miles to the east of Port Angeles:

  • Railroad Bridge Park
  • Olympic Game Park
  • Dungeness Lighthouse

Visit the Olympic National Park, to the south of Port Angeles:

Travel west from Port Angeles:

A day trip to Victoria BC (north of Port Angeles) is one of our very favorite day trips.

The Victoria - Port Angeles Ferry carries passengers and vehicles between Port Angeles WA and the inner harbour of Victoria BC. A one-way trip takes 90 minutes on a usually smooth sail.

Arrive mid-morning in Victoria, spend a half-day exploring and enjoying, and then catch the last ferry back to Port Angeles.

If you tend to get motion-sick, we suggest stocking up on capsules of ginger herb whether sailing the Coho or the Express.

(Below: Ginger is known to have anti-nausea traits. The Coho is usually not too rough, for us anyway, but the Express ferry might be another story! Ginger capsules saved the day by eliminating the nausea without causing drowsiness.)

Port Angeles Washington Information Center

The Port Angeles Information Center is located on Railroad Street just to the east of the ferry terminalThe Port Angeles Information Center on Railroad Avenue near the ferry terminal.

The Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce Information Center in downtown Port Angeles can supply you with additional brochures and ideas.

121 East Railroad Avenue (cross street is Lincoln Street), Port Angeles, WA 98362

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