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Clallam Bay Washington and Sekiu WA. Info on attractions, lodging and restaurants in the sister villages of Clallam Bay and Sekiu.

These two towns are located on the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the north Olympic Peninsula, and straddling the crescent of water known as Clallam Bay. They are accessible either by water, or via Highway 112, which connects Port Angeles WA in the east with Neah Bay in the west.

About Clallam Bay and Sekiu:

  • Clallam Bay population as of 2010: 363

  • Sekiu population as of 2010: 27

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  • Sekiu is pronounced "SEE-cue"

  • The two towns share a Chamber of Commerce. Check the website for fishing information and local fishing derbies and contests. 

  • Highway 112 will take you right past the area's Visitor Center (pictured below). Look for it in "downtown" Clallam Bay Washington where the road bends sharply as it continues heading west.

  • With an average rainfall of 95 inches per year, don't be surprised if a little rain falls on your parade. The good news is that July and August tend to be considerably drier than the rest of the year, with less than 8 inches falling during the 3 months of summer. On the other hand, winter, spring, and autumn rainfall ranges on average from 23.79 inches to 37.95 inches per season. (That's a LOT of rain....)

  • Average year round temperatures in Clallam Bay range from 41 degrees F in December to 58 degrees F in August. Being right on the water, the weather CAN be chilly throughout the summer, although maximum temperatures can certainly reach into the low 80's for a few days in July.

  • The area is at least partially dependent on tourism. Logging and fishing contribute to local industry. Clallam Bay is the location of a county prison.

Things to Do in Sekiu and Clallam Bay Washington

Go Fishing!

Sekiu Charters can help you with that.

444 Front Street, Sekiu, WA 98381

Fish for halibut, salmon, bottom-fish and more, out of Sekiu or Neah Bay with Robert Abner and his 32' sport fisher, The Phoenix. Robert has 20 years experience fishing these waters, and can take up to six anglers, providing all the gear.

Rates: $185 - $285 depending on type of fish and location.

Go hiking, kayaking, whale watching, beachcombing, and tidepool exploring!

2 miles of Clallam Bay shoreline are open for the outdoor and water activities of your choice.

Plus, there's Shipwreck Point not far away.

Located just a few miles west of Sekiu at mile post 6, this 472 acre State Natural Resource Conservation park is secluded with three miles of tidepools, coves and views of sea stacks and old growth coastal forest rimming the water. 

The Whale Trail includes Shipwreck Point. Perhaps as you  view and hike the area, you'll also catch sight of these mammoth mammals, whether orca whales, humpback, or other species. Shipwreck Point is open sunrise to sunset. Olympic National Park visitor's pass not needed. Several small pull-outs have access to the beach.

Restaurants in Sekiu WA

By The Bay Cafe

343 Front Street, Sekiu, WA  98381

Tripadvisor Reviews of By The Bay Cafe in Sekiu, WA

Tripadvisor ranks this restaurant #1 of 1 restaurant. Yes, there really is just one restaurant in Sekiu. Nevertheless, my friend Candi and I ate very well here (she requested only half the bun; they happily obliged). The place is not big, but it has earned its "favorite" status with locals and visitors.

Restaurants in Clallam Bay Washington

Sunsets West Co-op

16795 Highway 112, Clallam Bay, WA 98326
Tripadvisor Reviews of Sunsets West Co-op in Clallam Bay WA - 5*

Sunset's West Co-op offers a local selection of natural, whole foods, hot foods, and grocery, plus local crafts and art. They are open every day, 10 am - 7 pm, and are friendly and nice, I'm told.

Breakwater Restaurant
15582 Highway 112, Clallam Bay, WA 98326
Tripadvisor Reviews of Breakwater Restaurant at Clallam Bay WA - 4*

American food, breakfast, lunch, dinner; sandwiches, burgers, steaks, seafood, salad. Breakwater Restaurant is right on Highway 112 and a stone's throw from the water's edge, resulting in great views as you dine.

Coffee Shops

  • Strait Shots Espresso - 17295 Hwy. 112, Clallam Bay, WA 98326; (360) 963-2207
  • Common Grounds Cafe - 525 E. 8th St., Clallam Bay, WA 98326

Several inns, B&B's, and motels available in Clallam Bay Washington and Sekiu.

All of the lodging in this area caters to fishermen and lovers of the quiet, rustic and simple. Here are a few selections:

Curley's Resort & Dive Center

291 Front Street, Sekiu, WA 98381
360-963-2281 or 800-542-9680

Tripadvisor Reviews of Curley's Resort and Dive Center in Sekiu WA - 4.5*

Basic motel rooms or cabins. Curley's offers dive and fishing information, boat/kayak rentals, and scuba equipment rentals/sales/supplies.

Rates:  Cabins $80-$105; Motel Rooms $55 - $110. See website for details.

Winter Summer Inn B&B

16651 Highway 112, Clallam Bay, WA 98326

Tripadvisor Reviews of Winter Summer Inn B & B in Clallam Bay WA - 4.5*

This is a traditional bed and breakfast in a charming home with a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Gourmet breakfast is included. Some rooms have a private bath, others have a half-bath and shared shower.

Rates: $84- $140

Straitside Resort

241 Front Street, Sekiu, WA 98381

Tripadvisor Reviews of Straitside Resort in Sekiu WA - 4*

Straitside Resort provides lodging with a cottage flair. Motel rooms, some with kitchenettes. 

Rates: $65 - $160/night

Bay Motel, Sekiu, WA

Bay Motel

15562 Highway 112, Sekiu, WA 98381
Tripadvisor Reviews of Bay Motel in Sekiu WA - 4*

Basic motel rooms, rustic feel with some with kitchenettes. Free wi-fi, non-smoking, no pets. Bay Motel is located across the parking lot from Breakwater Restaurant, close to the water, and with easy access to Highway 112.

Call for information on rates.

Mason's Olson Resort

444 Front Street, Sekiu, WA 98381

Tripadvisor Reviews of Mason's Olson Resort in Sekiu WA - 3.5*

Great fishing location, rustic motel/cabins/camping sites, moorage also available.

Rates: See website for details.

Chito Beach Resort, Sekiu WA

Chito Beach Resort

7639 Highway 112, Sekiu, WA  98381

Tripadvisor Reviews of Chito Beach Resort in Sekiu WA - 5*

Chito Beach Resort is located 8 miles west of Sekiu. You can reserve one of six charming and rustic waterfront cabins. Each comes with a full kitchen with all supplies, linens, picnic table, charcoal grill, HDTV, wireless internet, and use of the grounds, including outdoor games. Open April through October.

Rates: $125 - $170/night depending on cabin and season.

The grounds of Chito Beach Resort are pictured here. There's a reason why this facility has garnered 5 stars - beautiful grounds and excellent customer service.

Clematis trellised on one of the cabins at Chito Beach Resort, Sekiu WA
Fire pit and colorful chairs at Chito Beach Resort, Sekiu WA
Grounds at Chito Beach Resort, Sekiu WA

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