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The town of Forks Washington (State) is an ideal staging town, setting you up for days of exploring the Pacific Northwest, including beaches, temperate rain forest, majestic mountain ranges, not to mention activities like hiking, kayaking and fishing.

It is also the setting for the Twilight Saga, a series of 4 novels written by Stephenie Meyer and published in 2005.

About  Forks Washington

Forks is a small town of roughly 3,600 people in the heart of Washington State's Pacific Northwest temperate rain forest. It is located in a prairie but surrounded by dense forests.

Three rivers converge nearby: the Bogachiel, Calawah, and Sol Duc, hence the name "Forks." Its original name was Forks Prairie, a nod to both the prairie in which it was located, and the nearby confluences of the several large rivers. 

Forks is also the main center of commerce throughout the entire west end of Clallam County, which comprises most of the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. From Aberdeen to the south, and Port Angeles to the north, you'll find precious little along the highway other than trees, trees, and trees. And the town of Forks.

The City of Forks (WA) does welcome you!The City of Forks Washington does welcome you!
Forks Avenue looking to the southForks Avenue (Hwy 101) looking to the south

Forks Activities

Forks is a working town. But given that it is situated in close proximity to many activities both to the north and the south, Forks Washington makes a terrific home base for your Pacific Northwest holiday visit. Just be sure to allow enough time to see and do all that you desire.

People love to visit Forks for many reasons. Perhaps the greatest draw is the sheer beauty and amazement of the primordial temperate rain forest. Come for the beauty, but while you're here, there is so much more to see and do. 


  • Hike through God's country, whether forest, beaches, or mountain peaks
  • Kayak the sea, river, or estuary
  • Tour via bicycle 
  • Back-country, kayaking, rafting and cycling tours are all available
  • Fishing guides can accommodate both expert and novice fishermen

Scenic Beauty:

Twilight Saga Tours:

  • Re-visit the Twilight drama by touring the places and re-living the (fictional) events
  • 2-3 hour and half-day tours are available

Click here for much more information about the various Forks attractions

Forks Weather

The weather in Forks is --- typically rainy!

No surprise there. Forks Washington is in the middle of a rain forest, receiving on average 100 inches of rain every year. However, the summer months are much less likely to be rainy.

The dynamics of the Olympic rainshadow that keep Sequim and Port Townsend dry are the same dynamics that result in copious rainfall over Forks, and the Quinault and Hoh rainforests. 

See Forks Weather for more info and the current forecast. 

Whether or not you check the weather before traveling to Forks, don't forget an umbrella or rain gear. Just in case!

Take a peak into today's weather via several webcams here

Forks Washington History

Forks' history begins during the 1850's, as both trappers and settlers trickled into what is now the west end of Clallam County, WA. 

Farming and hops were the primary interests in the early days. That changed as logistics proved to be too difficult for product marketing. With no roads other than muddy trails and reliance on infrequent stops by supply boats, the settlers turned first to dairy cattle, and then to timber as a source of income. 

Part of a display at the Forks Timber Museum in Forks WAPart of a display at the Forks Timber Museum in Forks WA.
Used with permission.

As infrastructure improved, so did their marketing efforts. The timber industry peaked in the mid-1970s, and then got a punch in the gut from recession, mechanization, movement of operations overseas, and especially from environmental legislation severely limiting logging due to the northern spotted owl. 

Today, timber logging continues on a much reduced scale. The Forks population, which took a nosedive in the 1990's, has risen and has been slowly growing. People now find work in other segments of society, including education, health, and environmental fields such as salmon and forestry.

Visit the fascinating Forks Timber Museum for a taste of Forks history. 

Additionally, the Forks Chamber of Commerce offers tours of a local Forks lumber mill. The fee is low; allow around 3 hours for the tour.

For Forks WA history in greater detail, click here.

Old growth stump from an ancient Sitka Spruce tree preserved along Forks Avenue in Forks WAOld growth stump from an ancient Sitka Spruce tree displayed along Forks Avenue in Forks WA. Over 400 years old when cut down, it measured 11+ feet in diameter and 37+ feet in circumference.

Twilight Saga
and Tourism in
Forks WA Today

This is supposedly the Cullen residence in Forks WA (Twilight Saga)This is supposedly the Cullen residence in Forks (Twilight Saga)
Forks Washington Chamber of Commerce, with Forks Washington Chamber of Commerce, with "Bella's truck" parked out front

The publication of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga in 2005, set in the rainforest town of Forks, has brought tourism to the area. 

Forks may be the timber capital of the world, but for the last decade it has also been the setting of imagined battles between werewolves and vampires, along with a very sweet love story between Bella, a human, and Edward, an immortal vampire.

In fact, houses and locations throughout the region have been identified which could easily represent the places and events in the various Twilight Saga books.

Come and take the tour for yourself, or simply enjoy your own visit to the beautiful region surrounding Forks Washington.

For more information about Forks, see the Forks Chamber of Commerce website, or the city of Forks website.

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