Benefits of Lavender Oil

Benefits of Lavender Oil: An outline of lavender oil uses along with the many healthful and protective benefits of essential oil of lavender.

Lavender cultivation is big in the Pacific Northwest, and particularly in the Sequim WA region of the Olympic Peninsula.

Besides growing well in the semi-arid Olympic rainshadow, the lavender plant has a stunning array of natural benefits, accompanied by a 2,500-year history of uses.

In fact, its very name, "lavender," comes from the Latin 'lavare,' which means 'to wash;' the Romans used lavender buds in their bath water for the antiseptic properties of the lavender oil within the blooms. 

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The fragrant aroma was no doubt a welcome bonus.

More recently, field hospitals during World War I used lavender both for disinfecting and for healing.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola"Using natural oils like lavender oil is one of the best holistic tactics that you can incorporate in your life." 

Lavender Oil Uses

Essential Oil of Lavender:

  • Has antiseptic properties, including anti-fungal, antibacterial, and probably anti-viral. It has shown great promise for treating nail fungus and cold sores. 

    You know that antimicrobial hand wash that doesn't kill the worst germs? You might do better to rub a couple drops of lavender oil onto your palms and fingertips. Serious.

  • Is anti-inflammatory, due to high anti-oxidant properties. Use lavender to treat mild skin burns and inflammatory skin conditions, for example, acne. Explore other ways that lavender oil can eliminate infection, reduce inflammation, boost immune function, and speed healing at the links below.

  • Repels insects, including mosquitoes, moths, bedbugs, silverfish. Instead of nuking fleas with powerful neurotoxic pesticides (that in the long term can damage our pets in the same way they kill the fleas), try dropping a couple drops of essential oil of lavender onto the nape of the neck or on the underbelly. Repeat treatment as needed - it is completely non-toxic to the pet but repellant to the pesky insects.

  • Is known to have antidepressant properties 

  • Is effective as aromatherapy for relaxation and a sleep aid. Diffuse the lavender oil into the air, or place a couple drops on some gauze, a handkerchief, or your pillow case, and let the fragrance relax you to sleep.

  • Is used in cooking. Explore gourmet cuisine by adding lavender oil or lavender buds to your ingredient list.

This brief overview of the benefits of lavender
oil barely scratches the surface

To better learn the amazing healing functions of lavender review the following sources from which I learned how healthy the essential oil of lavender can actually be:

The benefits of lavender have been practiced for 2,500 years. Modern humanity could learn a thing or two from history!

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Cities Near Sequim Lavender Festival and Sequim lavender farms:

Seattle: 66 miles (approx. 2.25 hours)

Port Townsend: 31 miles (approx. 43 minutes)

Sequim, of course! 0 miles

Port Angeles: 17 miles (approx. 24 minutes)

Forks: 73 miles (approx. 1.5 hours)

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