Bridge over Sol Duc Falls

Bridge over Sol Duc Falls: Photos of the bridge, the falls, the short hike to the falls, and the beautiful rain forest and river scenery surrounding Sol Duc Falls.

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You're hiking in the Sol Duc forest along the Soleduck Trail toward the bridge over the Sol Duc Falls, hopping over rivulets, noting various fungi species, and excited by sightings of trillium. Douglas fir and red cedar tower above. You pass an old log shelter, built years ago for the use of any passers-by. The air is cool and refreshing, perhaps even drizzly...

You begin to hear a soft thunder. Soon the sound is unmistakable; there is a waterfall ahead. A couple more bends in the trail, and there it is...

Sol Duc Falls.

Quite an impressive waterfall! You walk halfway across the very cool little bridge spanning a mini-gorge, and begin snapping photos.

Getting to the
Bridge over Sol Duc Falls

Right: This fallen giant recently hit the deck, judging by the lack of moss on the root ball.

Rangers cut away the portion of trunk that obstructed the trail, not visible in the photo. Lichens and fungi will soon thrive on the raw wood.

Fallen tree along the trail to Sol Duc Falls, WA

Along the Trail...

Spring water forms a mossy creeks before feeding into the Sol Duc River

See more info on the Sol Duc Valley from the Olympic National Park website

Consider a stop at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Washington State Map

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  • Seattle: 123 miles (approx. 3.5 hours)
  • Port Angeles: 41 miles (approx. 1 hour)
  • Forks: 40 miles (approx. 52 minutes)
  • Aberdeen: 147 miles (approx. 2.9 hours)

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