Waterfall Pictures

Waterfall Pictures: Photo gallery of landscapes dominated by beautiful forest waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. 

Niagara Falls they are not, but several of the waterfalls pictured here are impressive and very picturesque; perhaps you will agree when you've seen these waterfall pictures:

  • Madison Falls
  • Marymere Falls
  • Sol Duc Falls
  • Salmon Cascade
  • Bunch Falls
  • Merriman Falls

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Madison Falls is located just a few minutes west of Port Angeles in the North Olympic Peninsula.

Technically the Falls are located inside the Olympic National Park, however they can be accessed any time without paying an entry fee.

Waterfall Pictures:
Two Waterfalls near Lake Crescent

Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls is probably one of the most impressive of the waterfalls on the Olympic Peninsula. 

Getting There: From Highway 101, leave the highway by following the signs to Lake Crescent Lodge. Once off the highway, follow the signs to Marymere Falls (instead of the ones to the lodge) and Storm King Ranger Station.

The trailhead is very near the Ranger Station.

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls is the reward at the end of the 0.8 mile Soleduck Trail. The trailhead is located at the end of Sol Duc Road, you can't miss it because the road dead-ends in the trailhead parking lot. 

If you prefer, you can also hike the Lover's Lane trail which starts at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, although this route will result in a 2+ mile hike one way.  

Views from the bridge over Sol Duc Falls

Waterfalls near Lake Quinault

Bunch Falls and Merriman Falls are almost visible from South Shore Road along the Quinault River which drains into Lake Quinault in the southern parts of the Olympic National Park. 

Merriman Falls ->

<- Bunch Falls

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